The Digital Energy Ecosystem

Our role in meeting the challenges of the age – Climate Change

Climate change is one of the grand challenges of our times, and requires the collective effort of every single one of us to overcome. At Monash University, we intend to address these problems via our Impact 2030 pledge, which signals our commitment to tackling the threat climate change poses on our community at a global and local level through education and research. 

This pursuit is achieved by close partnerships with researchers, services and industries that co-design bespoke technology informed by best practices. These technologies accelerate and transform discovery. These technologies and discoveries then transform society.

One such partner is the Monash University Net Zero Initiative. This initiative motivates a targeted research programme through a commitment to achieve net zero emission across our four Australian campuses by 2030. There are many strategies being implemented by the Net Zero Initiative to achieve this. 

The Monash eResearch Centre (MeRC) accelerates research by applying advanced computing and IT to impactful research problems. The Digital Co-operatives (Digital Co-ops) team within MeRC is enabling collaborations between researchers, technology and society, and thus driving reusable researcher-led digital platforms. In the context of energy, our goal is to co-develop with the research community digital research infrastructure and industry-led technology that not only contributes to the reduction of our emissions but also enables the acceleration of multidisciplinary research and teaching.

We collaborate extensively to develop and extend all aspects of the smart capabilities to ensure research data analysis workflows are efficient and effective. We partner with leading experts from different research groups who are innovating energy solutions , industry partners who provide cutting edge technology perspectives, and data management specialists to ensure society’s trust as a responsible contributor to the future of energy. See the list of our partners here

The Digital Energy Blog brings together the digital research endeavours across the University as we collectively and collaboratively strive towards tackling this grand challenge.