The Digital Environments

The Research Environment

Distributed and Intelligence Power System (DIPS)

The research side of the microgrid is focused on developing a mini-city test environment for researchers to provide early access to the future of observations, by leveraging the campus as a living laboratory and integrating sensors and smart devices such as PMUs into the power grid network.

The devies has been controlled in real-time by implementing DIPS, a distributed and intelligent framework that exploit technologies such as edge computing, open-source data streaming platform, machine learning, and cloud engineering (CICD) to handle and manage the share volume of high-frequency data coming from these smart devices in real-time and to enable its analysis closer to the devices (to come: our DIPS R/I and blog and ML use case blog here). 

The platform will generate research-ready data sets, following the data governance and FAIR principles (to come: our data governance blog here), and will make it accessible through a fully governed, safe and secure environment (SeRP, our research energy data hub) for researchers to support knowledge discovery and innovations in the energy sector.

See the technology stack here.

The Operational Environment

Under construction.

The Energy Data Hub

Under construction.

Data Governance

Under construction.